The Blame Game


My heart is heavy. I feel sorrow, compassion, grief, righteous anger and disbelief at the state of the American family and society. Like tens of thousands before me, I wonder how we ever got to this level of chaos and insanity. Fractured is a great word to describe it. The trickle down (or up) effect is huge. Individuals are broken, therefore negatively impacting their families and friends. Those people continue the cycle in their communities, workplaces, families, political parties, and so on and on and on until an entire country is infected and plagued with lack of common sense, failure to exercise moral conscience and insists that everything is right. Everything that is unless it is not what they want.

What causes such an outrageous explosion of idiocy? The blame game. For several generations now, especially the last two, people have been told nothing is their fault. One is violent because of one’s childhood, a rapist is created because of a domineering mother and not because of personal choice and accountability. Someone once told me that she was not responsible for her actions because “I have an addictive personality.” That one came straight from a rehab facility. She had been taught there to pass on the responsibility for her actions and blame someone or something else. Do alcoholics drink because they have an inherited gene? No, it is because of personal choice. That gene does exist however it does not force the elbow to bend and the mouth to imbibe.

Blaming anyone other than self goes back to the beginning of humankind. In the garden of Eden, two people lived the perfect life. They had everything they needed and wanted, including a personal relationship with God Himself. Then everything changed. Eve was approached by a sinuous deceiver and she decided that she wanted more; she wanted to be God. She was already made in His image, had His love, protection, provision and everything else she needed and wanted. He even gave her an amazing husband who adored her. That man, Adam, was the first being ever created. He was the original, everyone who came afterward has been the copy. Adam was with Eve when she made a conscious choice to do wrong. Afterward when they were lovingly confronted by God, Adam was the first living creature to play the Blame Game. He created it. He blamed his beautiful, beloved wife and God also. “It was that woman YOU gave me. She gave me the fruit and I just ate it. Not my fault. The blame lies with her and with You.” Then Eve blamed the serpent. All these thousands of years later, we still play the Blame Game and have perfected it.

Not my fault, not my fault! So now we live in a country where people do what they want, what is right in their own minds and not what they should be doing. Our culture is saturated with ungodliness. Women kill unborn babies because…. just because they desire to kill unwanted or inconvenient babies. Parents change the gender of a child because they want a boy or girl or genderless offspring. Men live as women and vice versa. Then they demand to use restrooms that fit their own definition of who they are and refuse to accept nature’s designation. Then when something awful happens, it is not their fault. Meanwhile children are involved and that is always my first earthly priority. God remains first in my life.

Our children are being raised to play the Blame Game and they are expert at it. Recently a teenage boy I know became angry and shouted to the full volume of his voice at a teacher. Others who witnessed the incident thought he was going to strike her and he was removed from the classroom. He felt justified because she snapped at him. After days of counseling, his first response to the question of why this all happened was “she snapped at me” with no accountability or admission that he had interrupted her over and over.

My point of all this is to remind us all that we have choices to make and will feel the consequences. Those often last a lifetime and affect future generations. It divides families, friends, communities, societies and individuals from God. Divisionism causes fractured relationships, broken people. We must stop blaming and accept responsibility. Together we all have beauty, gifts, talents and potential. However, we must look to the great Composer of life so we can live with one accord to create a harmonious symphony. Acts 1: 14 and 2:1 (The Holy Bible) states that hundreds of people were of one accord. That is an amazing place to be.

Let us, Recycled Moms, strive to be in one accord while maintaining integrity of conviction that comes with knowledge of God’s plan for our lives. Do not play the Blame Game. Let us take hold of our failings, our mistakes, our responsibilities for our children and all people in our vicinity. Never compromise. Never blame. Love in a godly manner and not according to what the world declares love to be and it will all end well.

I am aware these are controversial words and not politically correct and I do not care. Truth is always true and it is time we be strong and of good courage. Speak up for children, for God and for what is right. I have chosen to do just that and I blame no one for this post. I accept full responsibility and pray it brings glory to God, the truth speaker.

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