The Holiday Blues

Hello Recycled Moms caregivers, aunts, uncles and friends. The holidays came so swiftly this year that I am let in a daze. Since I am a minimalist, I am not in a panic because I give so few physical gifts and many of those are books that I have written.

My great focus on Thanksgiving and Christmas are gratitude to God for all He has done in our lives. My love and faith never wavers although my treacherous heart does. When families are gathered together by the dozens, laughing and enjoying that wonderful Thanksgiving meal, I, and probably many other Recycled Moms, grieve for that missing person. Our table has one less person who is greatly wanted and beloved.

The children often act up during this time. The little ones do not know how to express their sorrow so they might misbehave or have crying fits. Older children sometimes attempt to hide their emotions through anger or withdrawing.

Just be cognizant that our recycled children are experiencing some sort of loss during the holidays and give them extra hugs, I Love You, security and a sense of permanence. It will make all the difference to those tender hearts and their own love will be a salve to our own wounds.



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