Modesty for Boys and Girls

Good day Recycled Moms and other Caregivers. As we go about my day, we encounter countless children and look upon them with love. Some of these children that I see look so worldly that my heart grieves for them. Little girls wear high heeled shoes, short skirts that flare around their bottom and even see through shirts. Boys of all ages are seen wearing pants that drape off the hips, tee shirts that depict violent games or characters and often sport extreme hair styles.

On the surface one might wonder if an item of clothing is really that vital. Does it really affect a child’s values or safety? Yes, indeed attire, hair and attitude play an important role in how our recycled kids build their future lifestyle.

We live in a world where our kids are out on their own for hours at school, extracurricular activities, church functions and the like. When they are modestly dressed and have been taught to conduct themselves with decorum, they are safer.

Girls can climb trees, go fishing and enjoy other activities while being properly covered. We adults are laying the foundation of how they will behave in settings where we may not be present. Despicable people are always looking for an opportunity to prey on children. By monitoring what our kids wear, keeping them covered and discreet, we can minimize risk. Please be aware that boys also need guidance in modesty and virtue.


These principles will become a character trait that remains with our precious children as they grow and become adults who one day pass these onto their own offspring. We are now impacting future generations and it is an awesome and powerful responsibility. As we spiritually are separate from the world, we must be so in flesh also, presenting an appearance of pleasing modesty.

Let’s go shopping for new clothing that protects and nurtures the innocence of children and become an example to other parents. I do wish to add that modest and profanity free speech also is important and create a clean heart in children and adults.



2 thoughts on “Modesty for Boys and Girls

  1. Dee says:

    I so agree with your values regarding dress in children. You can still be fashionable while remaining modest. Great advice for parents. Dianna (Teaches12345)

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