Love Them Like Doctor Zhivago


One of the greatest movies ever made is Doctor Zhivago. This account of the Russian revolution and the romance of Lara and Yuri is truly unforgettable. The ending is very powerful. Tania, a young woman who was lost, separated from her family as a child of eight, is asked how she came to be lost. She evades the question several times before acknowledging the truth of a long buried memory. The question causes the past to flash through her mind and Tania then admits that when they were fleeing the explosions, the houses falling to the ground and the terror of fighting, her father let go of her hand. “He let go of my hand,” she says with tears in her eyes, “and I was lost!”

Recycled Moms never let go of those tiny hands. Through all the days and nights that exhaust and try us, we hold our children so close that they are never lost. Long nights spent beside a fevered child, evenings filled with homework and weekends at birthday parties are considered precious and we do not resent them. Even when our children grow up and decide to leave us, we still cling to our treasures. That spiritual hand is there, guiding, supporting, and loving our children.

A friend recently confided in me that her son is a prodigal and making dangerous life choices and decisions that place him in danger. She continues to love him, give him monetary and emotional support. No other option exists for her or any other mother. She is a hero to me and to her child. He will one day know that her love and prayers kept him alive during this time of running. We never let go and they are never lost to us.

Having said all of that, I must declare that our children, recycled or not, have free will to choose their own life paths. We can only love them and hold their hands through the fallout. It is one of the most difficult things we will ever face. My own recycled kid recently made some poor choices and he is only ten years old. It made me even more determined to hang on tight and let him know he can never shake me loose.

It is what we do. We are mothers. Maybe these children did not grow in our physical womb however they are nourished to life in our heart. That is a powerful testament to the possibilities that exist in our world. We make a difference to these children that have come to us through adoption, because their parents abandoned them or made poor choices that left them adrift in a harsh world of icy indifference. They have found a balmy oasis with us and as we hold on tight in the race through life, they will always remember that we never let go!



4 thoughts on “Love Them Like Doctor Zhivago

  1. Sunnie Day says:

    Brenda, as you know this one is very close to my heart. Such an awesome post and full of wisdom as always. You are such a wonderful person full of love that we know comes from above.

  2. Dee says:

    This is so true. We must hold on to our children. Through sickness and good times as we love them – we help them to find a place of comfort. Your referral to the movie really points this out.

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