Child Sex Trafficking-A Growing American Issue


Hello Recycled Moms, concerned parents, caregivers and educators. This is a very serious and even dark post. It is about the protecting the innocence and safety of our children. Just the words make my heart skip a beat.

When most people hear about child sex trafficking, they think of Thailand and other places around the globe that are not restricted by moral and government legalities. But child sex trafficking is a growing concern here in America. It is easy for abductors to take a child across state lines in a matter of minutes of hours. There are no check points and no questions of an adult traveling with a child.

The average age of a child forced into street prostitution is between 12-14 years old. Traffickers who hold children captive, travel from place to place sell children of any age to the highest bidder. Little girls and boys as young as five years are sold over and over to adult men who use them for perverted sex.

These children are almost always abducted or passed from family member to family member, friend to friend until they become invisible to the public eye. But the older children are often manipulated into leaving home, having been carefully “groomed” by an experienced pimp. A child who is unhappy at home, who lives in a chaotic or violent environment is vulnerable to this type of person. They listen to the child vent her frustrations and unhappiness, buy her gifts, provide a shoulder to lean on. Then like a wolf, he strikes when the victim trusts him or is about to get away. Usually the child is taken to a different city but sometimes ends up working as prostitute just blocks away from home. Feel free to insert the word victim in place of prostitute.

The media is a friend of these evil men and women (yes women) who force children in to prostitution. Movies such as Pretty Woman glamorize life as a prostitute; the words pimp has become a commonly used word. Television shows make the word seem like it will increase value or improve the life of one who is pimped. Prostitutes  (victims) will not be rescued by a handsome millionaire who falls in love with them. They will be beaten, starved, degraded, live in misery and die young from disease or violence.

Girls are sexualized at a very young age. Children as young as 7 or 8 years old habitually wear eye makeup and high heeled shoes. Sexually suggestive words are considered as the norm for kids. “Shake your money maker” is one I have heard used.

Advertising is one of the most irresponsible Medias. A chain restaurant put “Make a late night Foodie Call” on their soft drink cups. This might seem like minor thing but all of these add up to the indoctrination of our children and to the corruption of their minds, values and conscience. Then when potential predators target them and use words like these, the child is not frightened; the alarm bells do not go off.


How can we grandmothers and other concerned caregivers change these situations and save children from being defiled and living a life of misery?

Mandate for stricter sentencing for offenders. Protest when any man or woman is given a slap on the wrist for having sex with a child. Back in 2011 former NFL player Lawrence Taylor was arrested for buying sex from a 16 year old girl. The victim was being trafficked. Taylor’s charges were reduced to misdemeanors and he never spent a day in jail. He has remained a hero in the eyes of many and lives in luxury in Florida. His victim, who had been beaten before being delivered to Taylor is still living with the trauma of the experience.

We must maintain a close relationship with our children so we know what they are doing and who they are seeing and talking with. Many of these predators stalk victims online, in chat rooms and other social media. Most websites and places such as Facebook have a minimum age of thirteen to join. Respect those rules and do not allow children to flaunt them. These are safety factors set up to protect children.

Of course there are many more safeguards and cautions. There are a thousand ways for our kids to fall victim and ten thousand ways to protect them from harm. Think it won’t happen to your kids? It can, it does, and it just might. Recently a 13 year old was rescued from child sex traffickers. She was abducted when she was nine years old. The name of her “owner” had been tattooed across her eyelids.

Don’t let that happen to your child. This blog post is just a grain of sand intended to increase awareness of the issue. Investigate this awful threat and learn more how you can prevent, protect and stop this damage to America’s children.  Recycled Moms are powerful warriors in the fight for righteousness!


7 thoughts on “Child Sex Trafficking-A Growing American Issue

  1. femmeflashpoint (@femmeflashpoint) says:


    This is such a huge problem, not just in other countries, but here in the U.S. as well. I commend you for shouting out about it, and for your influences in provoking others to take action.

    This is such a tragic thing for kids to go through, scarring them for life, and often with injuries that are never healed.

    Thank you for such an awesome job in putting this information together. I’m sharing it!


  2. Mary Strain says:

    Sad that this ugly issue must be addressed, but no child caregiver can afford to ignore it. Our society has become so perverse that even children aren’t safe. ‘Eternal vigilance is the price of safety.’

  3. Dee says:

    I tried to post on your blog, but WordPress refused the comment.  Anyways, I am praying over this concern and will spread the word.  Blessings!


  4. Sustainable Minimalist says:

    I actually felt very sad that you decided to shun Thailand as somewhere that lacks moral action. Most Thai’s follow Buddhist schools of thought and have the upmost respect for people and the environment in which they live in.

    This is a growing issue, both in the United States and in Europe. This moral corruption runs a lot deeper than I suspect we know about.

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