Pickled Kids

Hello Recycled Moms and faithful other readers. I assure you we will not be pickling our children today or any other time. The title of this post comes from something I observed last night.

My grandson S. and I attend a grandparents raising grandchildren group every Monday evening. We always have a meal before the children go to their group and we weary grandparents to our own area. Last night we had barbeque and all the fixings. I took several different kinds of pickles because I didn’t know what really goes with barbeque.

The kids were so excited to see the pickles and dug in even before dinner was served. They loved them! I watched, smiling as I saw a Bread & Butter boy, the Kosher Dill toddler, that Gherkin girl and other varieties of children. They all were so uniquely different yet so right and perfectly cohesive just as pickles are. Kids and pickles do not care about size, color, taste and all the other nonsense that the world deems important. They just remain themselves regardless and touch the world around them gently and memorably.

Our collection of children is typical of kids found anywhere. No matter the flavor, they all are loveable, smart, funny and eager to explore. They range from little ones who climb onto any available lap to older ones that must look cool and self controlled at all times, yet end up with their heads resting on adult knees.

Like pickles, they go well with anyone who loves them. So let’s do that with gusto. We all enjoy a good meal, the kind where afterwards we pat our belly and declare “That sure was good!” I firmly believe and declare we will do the same when we see out little pickles grown and out on their own, strong and confident; able to love because we first loved them and accepted their variety for its own contribution.

So go enjoy a salty, sweet, sour, briny, sliced, whole, half or unique pickled kid today!

No Matter The Variety, They Are All Perfectly Wonderful!

No Matter The Variety, They Are All Perfectly Wonderful!


6 thoughts on “Pickled Kids

  1. Dee says:

    I just love the pic of the baby eating the pickle. Love your analogy of kids and pickles. It doesn’t matter what flavor or type, we love them all. Blessings!

  2. Beth says:

    I agree with femme, great article, you can write a good article about ANYTHING !!! I remember that picture of Silas so adorable !! Those eyes are beautiful !!!

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