What Love Looks Like

Love is the foundation of life. God is love, Jesus’ great command was for us to love one another as He loved us. Men and women love, make a commitment, marry and that love reproduces itself, resulting in children. Then the real fun begins!

Love comes easy, especially toward children. However walking out the path of love is a road filled with stones, ruts and pitfalls. This is so because we live in a harsh world full of trials. We are human beings who grow weary, become impatient and allow worry or fear to block the way.

We Recycled Moms who are starting to walk this life path all over again are already battle scarred from raising our own children. Even the most blessed, easy to raise child wears one out. By the time our grandchildren come along, we just want to sit down and play with them. Yet many of us have found ourselves frantically looking for a road map and setting out on the journey all over again.

We accept that we are at mile one again and just start walking in love. It takes a toll but we continue one baby step at a time. I was reminded of this when I ran across a picture of my own little grandson’s sleep toy. It is a tiny lamb that he receives when he was one week old. They were very close to the same size as my grandson only weighed five pounds at the time. Baby Lambie as he came to be called, has been a staple in the boy’s life. He went everywhere and was cuddled close while S slept.

Now that S is ten years old, Baby Lambie still remains a loyal and devoted protector. He still lays on the pillow at night, a fierce protector. He remains home though when S goes out or away for the night. S says he stays home to bring me comfort.

Bably Lambie once was white, fluffy and sported bright eyes and a pink button nose. His eagerness was glowingly apparent in his fresh appearance. Now he is a dull grey, is limp, stained, his “fur” is worn down to a nub and frankly he smells bad. But he never gives up or goes away.

Recycled Moms, grandmothers, we are like Baby Lambie. Life has left marks on us. We have grey hair, wrinkles on our foreheads and around our eyes. The cost of love was high. We do not count the price though, we look at the reward which is a happy, healthy child. Like Baby Lambie or whatever the beloved toy is named, we are loyal. We never will abandon these children that sought us out. We are their sanctuary, their fortress, their guide to the future. Through us, they will build a foundation, know what love really is and how to reach the end of the journey in joy.

No matter the cost, we love every day, every night, without fail. We love-like Christ first loved us.

Love Looks Like This

Love Looks Like This


4 thoughts on “What Love Looks Like

  1. lynnette grant says:

    oh, iIam feeling refreshed after a particularly emotional day, just another in the life of ours…raising our grand daughter. Her “lambie” is 10 years old, the exact one in your picture. And today I feel like that “lambie” worn, yet loved.

    • recycledmomsraisinggrandchildren says:

      Lynette, you brought tears to my eyes. May you be richly blessed for doing this. I am continually amazed that a tiny stuffed animal becomes alive and so treasured to a child, then to us who love them. Yesterday I also felt like Lambie. You and I and all the other caregivers are loved and love in return. In the end that is what saves us all-love. Thank you for leaving such a wonderful comment.

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