Perception Matters-Waste Not and Want Not

All parents and especially Recycled Moms have a lot to accomplish. There is work to be done, the house to be cleaned and maintained, grocery shopping, a hundred more chores and of course the kids to raise. Which of these would you consider wasted time? Probably none since they all need doing.

Every single moment that takes us away from our children is time we can never recover. Likewise every one spent with our kids is one remembered and stored for the future. A great example is one recorded by the writer James Boswell who is famous for his biography of Samuel Johnson. His favorite memory of his dad was when they went fishing for just one day. During all of Mr. Boswell’s adult life, he often reflected back on that day and used the lessons, advice and guidance his father taught that day to guide him and make decisions. Many years later someone read the senior Mr. Boswell’s journal and was eager to see what he had to say about the famous day of fishing. He had simply recorded a single incredibly sad sentence. It read, “‘Gone fishing today with my son; a day wasted.’”

My heart still breaks when I think how this man, this father, was so clueless and blind. But are we often the same way? When we play a game of Sorry with our grandchildren or sit on uncomfortable concrete bleaches watching a little league game, are we wishing to be elsewhere? Do we think this is wasted time? Are we only doing it out of obligation and because it is expected of us?

Let us be deliberate in our choices. Let’s pick and choose our kids first and allow all else to follow along. I am not talking about our relationship with God. That should always come first and when it does, He will carefully direct all else.

Time spent with little ones is never wasted. They see so much more in a game, in a bedtime story, in catching lightning bugs than we ever will. Like James Boswell’s day with his dad, life lessons are learned while baiting hooks and building play forts by draping sheets over furniture. Wasted time? No, these moments are never lost because the perception of a Recycled Mom’s heart is keen and sharp. They remain in memory and are bright as rainbows, valuable as gold.

There IS a pot of gold down there and it is filled with love.

There IS a pot of gold down there and it is filled with love.