Be Strong and of Good Courage

Every grandparent or kinship caregiver has a unique story, one that hurts and inspires at the same time. Whether we are raising one or ten children, there are challenges that no one else understands. Recently, I have seen a disturbing trend where some Recycled Moms disparage others. Please don’t give in to an urge to do such a thing.

Another grandmother recently told me that I have no idea what she goes through with her kids. I do and I don’t. She also let me know how” lucky” I am because I only have one grandchild to raise. I personally do not believe in luck however I am fully aware of my blessings. My point here is that she is married, I am not. Therefore I could tell her how difficult it is to not have that spousal support. I didn’t.

Getting into a back and forth about who has the rockiest road helps no one. It will only allow bitterness, envy, discouragement and all matter of unhealthy emotions to enter one’s heart. None of us walks a road without stones. We all carry bruises and joys within our heart. Trying to compare yours and mine is like comparing apples to broccoli. They are nothing alike yet both carry great nutrients although one is sweet and one is not.

What we choose to feed on nurtures our body, mind and spirit. In the Old Testament of the Holy Bible, Joshua was chosen by God to lead his people after Moses died. This was an awesome appointment. Moses had been brave, true and strong. But God told Joshua to be strong and of good courage. So Joshua put his fear and failings aside and led the people into victory as a united group of fighters. (Joshua Chapter 1)

That is us, Recycled Moms. We absolutely MUST remain united and never rip each other apart. There are already too many people in the world more than willing to tear us apart and spread news of our fears, failures, weaknesses and choices.

Is your life harder than mine? Maybe. Is mine harder than yours? Maybe. Does it matter whose is more difficult? Not at all. Together we can pass through unscathed and raise successful, happy, healthy children. We choose not to focus on the bitterness. We will seek out the joys and the sweetness that we constantly discover in the faces of the innocent children we put to bed each night.

So grab my hand and we shall sit together as parents united by love while we watch our grandchildren play in the sun. We will support one another and refuse to speak negative words about anyone else. Instead, we will pour out blessings that fall from our tongues like songs.

Recycled Mom, you are loved by Jesus and by me. Tell me your story and I will hold you up with strong arms and look at you with soft eyes. Cry if you need to weep, then we will wipe our eyes and walk on with a spring in our steps! The end of the journey is beautiful.


Copyright Brenda Barnes


8 thoughts on “Be Strong and of Good Courage

  1. Kimmie says:

    Dear Brenda, Such an inspiring post. If somehow hearts could know that chlldren are a blessing and God will be with them in raising their grandchildren how ever hard it may be at times, God has to be the center. You are a shining example and I agree with Mary one of the best you have written. I will gladly share, hoping it will shine some hope.

    • recycledmomsraisinggrandchildren says:

      Thank you Kimmie. I was and still am so convicted that we must support each other in love and caring. Through Christ we all, parents, kinship caregivers and grandparents, can be successful and happy doing what we do. Bless you for your own loving heart.

  2. Heather says:

    What a great post. I am a mom without any grandparents involved. Unfortunately due to a rough upbringing where I was in and out of foster care I didn’t really have an involved mother, I left home at 16, but it was the best thing I ever did for myself. I went on to graduate college and get a four year degree in Journalism, I met my husband at the TV station I worked for and now we have kids and it saddens me that they don’t have involved grandparents. So I commend you for taking that step to show love and devotion to your grand-kids as if they were your own.

    P.S. new follower from the Nice To Meet You Blog hop. I’d love for you to stop by sometime. Hope you are having a great week!

    Heather from Mommy Only Has 2 Hands

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