Who Are We Raising? Husbands and Wives of Course!

Every day we watch our grandchildren grow physically, emotionally and spiritually. As toddlers they make messes and leave them; as young boys and girls, they learn to clean up after themselves. This occurs because we Recycled Moms teach them to do the right thing.

I was thinking about how helpful and polite my own little boy is. He opens doors for people (a shocking number never acknowledge or thank him), carries the heaviest shopping bag for me, loves God and is a witness for Christ. He is all of this at only ten years of age. He is so tender yet so strong already.

Lately I have been envisioning him as a grown man. That caused me to think about the woman who will become his wife. Will she thank me for shaping his character, morals and values? Will she be blessed to be his helpmate?

Recycled Moms, we are raising someone’s husband or wife. The child we hug today will hold their own babies in the not too distant future. The girl that leaves her clothing on the floor because she knows “Mom” will pick up after her will be a steward over her own home. She will keep a neat, organized, Godly home or one where chaos and frustration rule.

The boy that never is allowed to learn respect for women is going to meet many. The way we teach him now is how he will treat them as an adult. His wife will need our little boy-her grown up husband-to support her. He has to know how to be head of his family, to work hard but leave time for people. He must be brave and strong yet gentle enough to weep when his child is sick.

Men and women, husbands and wives, will be so different than the boys and girls that are so familiar to us now. They will be recognizable though because the foundation of the heart will be the same. It will just grow bigger as their bodies grow because instilled habits and values do not abandon us as we age. They just become honed. We become wiser and smoothly walk this path God has placed before us. The same applies for our grandchildren.

So Recycled Moms, look toward the future as you discipline, train and love these little ones we have been given responsibility for. We are raising some woman’s husband, someone’s father, someone’s wife, someone’s mother. It is an awesome task and reward!

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Somewhere in the World lyrics by Wayne Watson.

Somewhere in the world today A little girl will go out to play All dressed up in mama’s clothes At least the way that I suppose it goes
Somewhere in the world tonight Before she reaches to turn out the light She’ll be prayin’ from a tender heart A simple prayer that’s a work of art
And I don’t even know her name But I’m prayin’ for her just the same That the Lord will write His name upon her heart
‘Cause somewhere in the course of this life A little boy will need a godly wife So hold on to Jesus, baby wherever you are
Somewhere in the world out there That little girl’s learnin’ how to care She’s pickin’ up her mama’s charms Or maybe swingin’ around in her daddy’s arms
Somewhere in the world to be Though the future’s not really clear to me Theirs could be a tender love Grounded in eternal love above
And I don’t even know her name But I’m prayin’ for her just the same That the Lord will write His name upon her heart
‘Cause somewhere in the course of this life My little boy will need a godly wife Oh, so hold on to Jesus, baby wherever you are Oh, hold on to Jesus, baby wherever you are


12 thoughts on “Who Are We Raising? Husbands and Wives of Course!

  1. Mary Strain says:

    This is a beautiful post, Brenda! And so true. I wish all parents and grandparents raised their children according to this advice. The world would be a better place.

  2. kim says:

    Oh Brenda this article has such profound truths…seeds planted todayy count..wonderfiul and very thought provoking..

  3. clarkscondensed says:

    This is such a beautiful post, thank you for sharing.

    And thank you for your very kind words on my recent blog post. I wish I knew you, so I could recognize you on Mother’s Day! It sounds like you are doing a wonderful thing, raising your grandson. I can tell you are a wonderful grandmother, and recycled mom 🙂

  4. Dee says:

    Love your message, especially how we should speak as if we were singing the praise. Agree that avoiding negativity is the best way to raise grandchildren. God bless you.

  5. Brenna says:

    I loved your article. This topic came up the other day between my husband and I. We are in the process of potty training our son and I told my husband I guess I should be sure to teach him to put the seat down. My husband knows this isn’t something that really bothers me so he asked, “why?’ My reply was, “For his future wife, it might bother her.” It is crazy to think about those things when he is so little, but to my that is a little reminder that what kind of husband he will be one day depends on me.

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