The 3 R’s-Reading, Writing, Arithmetic

My grandson is in 4th grade and I am sometimes unable to help him with his homework, especially Math. Yesterday, he had to simplify fractions, determine the angles of a hexagon, round to the nearest tenth then subtract 8 digit numbers. What?! We won’t even get into Spelling on this post, words like Physiognomy. My issue is that homework is to practice what the student has learned in class. Apparently the teacher disagrees because when S. told her he did not understand, she just said, “that is not good” and refused to help him. So I am forced to be seek help elsewhere. Thank God for the internet. I do not say that frivolously, I really thank Him.   Here are some great websites I have found that are wonderful resources for Recycled Moms who find themselves in the same struggle as I am in.

Some of these will work out the problem and show the answer so the child learns how to do the work, not just get the answer. S. is learning what he did not during class and I am renewing my own knowledge from school. Alas, that was 40 years ago. Do I feel badly or embarrassed that I need help to help my child? Absolutely not! I love this one. S. learned his multiplication table in one weekend using this site.

There are many more of course, but these are some of our favorites. Anything that tells me what an Asymptote is, becomes a friend!



4 thoughts on “The 3 R’s-Reading, Writing, Arithmetic

  1. Sunnieday says:

    Such a helpful article. Will share with my daughter. I remember feeling so inadequate when the kids were in school as it had been so long. Thank you Brenda!

  2. sunnieday50 says:

    Hello Brenda, This was such a great article and very helpful. Will be sharing this with my daughter for sure. I wish they had these resources when I was raising my own children. God bless.

  3. Dee says:

    Great article, Brenda. I am not a whiz at math, that’s my hubby’s expertise. I could have used these when my son was learning these concepts. Dianna

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