Fight For Grandparent Rights

Today is Election Day and I got out early to vote. If you have not done so, please make it happen. Every voice is important, especially the grandparent voice. While I was reviewing the candidates and their stand on issues I noticed a questionnaire that had bent sent to them. One of the questions was “Should grandparents be able to sue an intact family for visitation rights with their grandchildren?” ( Only 16 out of 165 candidates answered yes. That tells me they are unaware that many children are being denied the support and love of a grandparent.
All to often, I hear a grandparent tell how they are not allowed to see or even call their grandchildren because of a parent’s anger, a step parent’s jealousy or insecurity, a method of controlling the grandparent or because of other issues, including hiding abuse.
A grandparent’s involvement can make a difference in a child’s life and even help a family stay intact. But that word intact does not mean a family is healthy, only that the parent’s (or step parents) are together in the same household.
The concerned and positive grandparent can influence and support the parents in many ways and possibly prevent the situation many of us have found ourselves in-caring for our grandchildren full time. Prevention is much more desired than dealing with a wounded and confused child who has lost his or her home. Sure we will take in that child and care for them if necessary. Visitation in the home may be a strong key to reducing the number of grandparents raising grandchildren.
Review the stand that your own Senators, Congressmen, Governors, and other elected official hold on this matter. Write letters or call them. It is possible to get them on the phone occasionally especially near elections. Politely educate them on the importance of a grandparent’s role in the family and in a child’s life. Many of them come from families that have never endured the wounds of divorce, drugs, suicide attempts and the myriad of other reasons that bring traumatized grandchildren to grandparents.
Remember to remain upbeat and positive. An out of control or angry grandparent will not be able to change a politician’s mind. Reminding him or her of the staggering numbers of grandparents raising grandchildren and how that affects society as a whole just might. Here in America, we have a unique and powerful opportunity to create our own future and to influence the destiny of our precious little grandchildren. Go Vote! Make a telephone call! Write a letter! Make a difference in a child’s life!

We all have a voice-use it!


2 thoughts on “Fight For Grandparent Rights

  1. Sally says:

    I came to your blog through your post on Miss Minimalist, and I have to tell you, you couldn’t be more right about the importance of the positive role grandparents make in a child’s life.

    When I was 3, my parents divorced, and my dad got full custody. My dad was a wonderful, incredible, but it was pretty tough on him at first. My mom went into rehab for alcoholism, which left my dad to raise two kids on one income with no child support. He had to work a lot to support us, and I think he was devastated that my mom was gone. Enter my grandparents on my mom’s side.

    I think it is more than fair to say that my grandparents are a huge part of who I am today. My manners, my care for common courtesies, and many other things, I think, came largely from them. The first handful of years after the divorce, my brother and I spent a lot of time at their house while Dad was at work. It was filled with love as well as discipline. We were a small family, but close, and my grandparents, even though they were my mother’s parents, became very close to my dad as well as they saw how much he was willing to sacrifice for our well-being.

    Anyway, grandparents can be so SO important, and I was so incredibly blessed to have mine. They’re gone now, but their words and lessons sing so strongly inside my heart that they’re never very far away.

    • recycledmomsraisinggrandchildren says:

      Thank you for following from Miss Minimalist Sally. You are so right and your own story perfectly shows the importance of grandparents in a family and a child’s life. A grandparent’s love is unconditional and unending. I know you must miss yours very much. Thank you for sharing your grandparents role in your life. I believe it will encourage many people.

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