How Can We Help Our Kids Cope With Learning Disorders?

Our grandchildren have lots of stress. They have lost one or both parents and must handle that along with the pressure of school. When a child has some sort of additional challenge such as a learning disorder, the burden is magnifies for them and for us. It is sometimes hard to recognize the difference between a disorder and a kid who just is not doing well. So how can we know when to intervene and get help?

When the gap between your child and others is small, there most likely is no reason for concern. As the child grows and falls farther behind, the gap becomes a chasm. This should be eye opening for a recycled mom. No one ever wants to admit something is wrong with her child and often the child desires secrecy to prevent embarrassment. But a learning disorder should be viewed as any other health concern.

If you suspect your child has an issue with ADHD, Dylexia, Dysgraphia or any other disorder that might cause him or her problems, act on it. Get help as soon as possible. The pediatrician is the first resource. He can refer your child for evaluation to the right professional. Get a diagnosis because the school will probably require one.

Then schedule a meeting with teachers, principals, counselors and other school personnel that may need to be involved. Be the advocate for your child and insist on the right plan being written. This might be an IEP (individual education plan), a 504 or both. Be involved in the process. Know what is happening every step of the way.

Only you know your child inside and out. Teachers only see them for hours a day. We see them day and night, in good times and bad, happy and sad, strong and weak. Do not be afraid to force the issue and get help for your child.  A learning disorder is not the end of the world, it is only a tiny  bump in the road to success.


One thought on “How Can We Help Our Kids Cope With Learning Disorders?

  1. sunnieday50 says:

    Wonderful article Brenda As a retired school nurse, I have seen many grandparents struggling with problems in raising children and many problems are due to undiagnosed learning disabilities. Thank you!

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