Changing Seasons, Blooming Children

Here it is mid September already. Next Saturday is the official start of Autumn, another change for us all to accept. Meanwhile we have changes at home as our grandchildren grow and become a bit more adult. Last week my grandson was diagnosed with Strep. That is nothing new but he chose to receive pills instead of liquid antibiotics. He has entered a new stage in life, one more step to manhood and one giant leap away from the tiny baby I cuddled and protected. He made his own choice and accepted the challenge of swallowing pills over a flavored liquid. He made the mature decision even as I silently wept.

We must prepare our children to make decisions and choices then allow them the freedom to do that. These will come little or big, easily forgotten or life changing. We Recycled Moms will have to stand back and watch with gritted teeth and clenched hands when they say, “No, I can do this myself.” But those long years of preparation lay a strong foundation that will stand firm through the trials, tribulations ans joys our kids will one day face.

As seasons change and leaves face their own future fall colors turn brilliant shades of red, rust and orange, some will stay green for a while. Let us enjoy and treasure the precious current season that draws to a swift close while becoming breathless as we get a small peek into the future.