Kids With Character


Strong As Stone!

Character is a word seldom heard these days. Most people create their own sense of right and wrong based upon their personal beliefs and levels of tolerance. Integrity, character, personal commitment and even honesty are open to the perception of society. So how can we instill a deep sense of time tested character in our grandchildren?

First we must know what character really is. It is having or being:

  • Truthful-There are no little white lies. All untruths are wrong and create cracks in our character
  • Love-Giving without condition or expectation of receiving anything in return, including thanks
  • Determination-Staying on course regardless of difficulty or opposition
  • Justice-Personal responsibility to the law of God because man’s justice is often skewered by perception or opinion
  • Security-Knowing things of the spirit can never be stolen thereby creating faith not to depend upon material things
  • Patience-Ability to wait for the right timing
  • Virtue-Remaining pure in body and mind apart from the morals of the world
  • Compassion-Healing the hurts of others in any manner possible regardless of the personal cost
  • Joy-Keeping a happy heart by knowing one is connected to God regardless of physical circumstances

There are many more and I will continue this series, expounding upon them. Many are self explanatory and simple really. When talking to children the K.I.S.S. method works best. Keep It So Simple. Let the child ask the questions and go from there. They will lead you in the discussion. As Recycled Moms, our job is to raise kids of character that become adults of quality. In this crazy world we live in, that is not easy. It is possible though and the reward makes the journey worth the walk.

America’s Children Are Starving For Guidance


4 thoughts on “Kids With Character

  1. Angelia Phillips/femmeflashpoint says:


    I like the KISS method. I wish more people used it when explaining things to me! I’m all over “simple.”

    I shared this post as well. It’s got some great information in it, and I have several friends who are both recycled moms and dads too. 🙂


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