From Saplings To Trees-Great Kids Become Great Adults

We love our grandchildren without limit. They cannot repay our sacrifices, though we do not consider it such. Yet in reality, we have changed our lives to care for these tiny ones who came uninvited but welcomed into our midst. They are what society considers the weak ones, people who can not repay us. But in their own way, they give us so much more than monetary recompense; they shower love upon us.

When compassion, generosity, love and time are presented with the expectation of getting something in return, the act becomes selfish rather than true kindness. The best and most authentic measure of gentleness is when a person pours out one’s heart to others who can never repay the debt. Therefore we cancel it so it never existed. This is the love we give to our grand-kids who hopefully will pass it on and change the lives of others.

We are raising human beings who will impact many others in the future. As we teach by example and intent, we impart gratitude and thankfulness that settle in the heart. I believe each of us desire our grandchildren to be happy, successful adults who contribute and make the world a better place. By raising them with integrity and love, we build them a firm foundation for that. Hold them accountable in every area. Each untruth, every selfish act, each display of anger must be dealt with immediately. Do this with utmost gentleness and love. People who maintain integrity in small matters do so in the bigger ones also. We know there will be many challenges that our precious ones must face.

It must be our goal to see them stand up brave and unafraid, armed with truth and proclaim righteousness; thankful and filled with love for everyone. As we teach them to love people without accepting actions and lifestyles that are contrary to our spiritualĀ  convictions, they indeed learn new ways to inspire others.

Recycled Moms, YOU are an inspiration to your grandchildren, to other parents/ grandparents and to all who witness your unselfishness. When you dedicated your life to your grandchild, you became a hero. Thank you for being the example of love in action. That bud you are nourishing will grow into a tall, strong tree with beautiful offspring that cherish the memory of your love and the lessons you taught.


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