Caring For Our Kids and Their Pets

My own grandson adores his dog and wants her to go everywhere with us. It has been difficult for him to understand that real love means making tough choices. Because we do love her so much, we must say no to those big brown, begging eyes. It is better for a pet to be lonely for a few hours than to overheat and potentially even die in a hot car. I am sharing this article about dogs in cars and how quickly the temperatures can rise to a lethal point. Please feel free to print and share it with everyone possible. Seeing the temperature numbers will help children realize the importance of leaving Fido at home during the summer.

I wrote and own this article and am giving permission to print, email and share to anyone interested. Saving a beloved pet is also protecting and caring for our children who have already lost so very much.


One thought on “Caring For Our Kids and Their Pets

  1. Maria says:

    Thank you for this valuable information on behalf of our fur angels, Brenda… a needed reminder for children and adults alike. Hugs, Maria

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