Grandparenting Letters To A Grandchild-A Guest Post

Sometimes we do not know how to say certain things or even have time. When inspiration strikes, our child may be away or asleep. Some people keep a journal. I have tried and failed many times. But I can write a letter. Today’s post is from an internet friend who has a fabulous idea how we can pass along wisdom to our grandchildren. Her heart is bent toward service and her information inspiring. She is a writer at HubPages (where I also write). Please read this article and many more of her wise and informative Hubs.

Many thanks “teaches” for allowing me to use your article on my website.

Corn Salad That Your Kids Will Love

This recipe is healthy and nutritious. Raw food is full of living enzymes that heal and nurture the body. Our kids will not even know they are eating so many vegetables! They will also love the photo of the Pillsbury Doughboy who is my official sous chef. He gets into all sorts of trouble every time we create a new recipe.

© Brenda Barnes-All Rights Reserved

I told him that a diet is not going to work if he eats the entire plate!

From Saplings To Trees-Great Kids Become Great Adults

We love our grandchildren without limit. They cannot repay our sacrifices, though we do not consider it such. Yet in reality, we have changed our lives to care for these tiny ones who came uninvited but welcomed into our midst. They are what society considers the weak ones, people who can not repay us. But in their own way, they give us so much more than monetary recompense; they shower love upon us.

When compassion, generosity, love and time are presented with the expectation of getting something in return, the act becomes selfish rather than true kindness. The best and most authentic measure of gentleness is when a person pours out one’s heart to others who can never repay the debt. Therefore we cancel it so it never existed. This is the love we give to our grand-kids who hopefully will pass it on and change the lives of others.

We are raising human beings who will impact many others in the future. As we teach by example and intent, we impart gratitude and thankfulness that settle in the heart. I believe each of us desire our grandchildren to be happy, successful adults who contribute and make the world a better place. By raising them with integrity and love, we build them a firm foundation for that. Hold them accountable in every area. Each untruth, every selfish act, each display of anger must be dealt with immediately. Do this with utmost gentleness and love. People who maintain integrity in small matters do so in the bigger ones also. We know there will be many challenges that our precious ones must face.

It must be our goal to see them stand up brave and unafraid, armed with truth and proclaim righteousness; thankful and filled with love for everyone. As we teach them to love people without accepting actions and lifestyles that are contrary to our spiritual  convictions, they indeed learn new ways to inspire others.

Recycled Moms, YOU are an inspiration to your grandchildren, to other parents/ grandparents and to all who witness your unselfishness. When you dedicated your life to your grandchild, you became a hero. Thank you for being the example of love in action. That bud you are nourishing will grow into a tall, strong tree with beautiful offspring that cherish the memory of your love and the lessons you taught.

Attitude? I Don’t Think So!

In my quest to raise a healthy, disease free child (and be healthy myself), I have been making green veggie smoothies. My boy did not care for them at first, but after a week or so began to actually like them and even ask for one occasionally. Then he spent the night with his dad who fed him pizza, Coca-Cola, ice cream and jelly toast. I had expressly told him to give S. healthy foods. Needless to say, he came home and was in full blown junk food fever.

This morning he would not drink the smoothie, but kept finding excuses such as “I am reading” or “I just had gum and it changed the taste: (gum? another story). After much complaining from him, I finally gave him a lecture about attitude. We will have to do many things in life that are not pleasant or preferred. Our attitude will make them more acceptable or not. In this case, I asked S to picture how the smoothie was creating a healthy and fat free body with every sip. Then he drank it with no more complaints.

How can we teach our children to be positive? By example primarily. When we are complainers and procrastinators, they will be also. If they see constant negativity, they grow up believing it as a way of life.When we lead by having an eye for the great outcome, they learn the rocky journey is worth the end result. Here are some ways to manage that:

  1. Be grateful-Explain that we are blessed to have so much when many areas of the world are suffering lack of food, water, shelter and overall safety.
  2. Pray-Offering worship and praise to the One that made us and ask for guidance, wisdom and direction to remain on the path He has given us to reach the master plan for our lives.
  3. Smile-It is an old adage but really works. When we smile, it is hard to keep a poor attitude or mood. Reading or saying something funny can instantly snap your child out of the stubborn self pity and into a sunny frame of mind.
  4. Go outside-Something about nature is soothing even a rainy or scorching day. There is beauty in green grass, dewdrops, rain drops on leaves. Even scorched grass, burned from hot summer sun can inspire a science lesson and redirect a child’s attention.

These are just a few ways to change a child’s attitude. There are thousands and each person is unique in what works best. Enjoy life with a great attitude and remember-someone Is watching and learning from you.

We Love you-Recycled Moms


Caring For Our Kids and Their Pets

My own grandson adores his dog and wants her to go everywhere with us. It has been difficult for him to understand that real love means making tough choices. Because we do love her so much, we must say no to those big brown, begging eyes. It is better for a pet to be lonely for a few hours than to overheat and potentially even die in a hot car. I am sharing this article about dogs in cars and how quickly the temperatures can rise to a lethal point. Please feel free to print and share it with everyone possible. Seeing the temperature numbers will help children realize the importance of leaving Fido at home during the summer.

I wrote and own this article and am giving permission to print, email and share to anyone interested. Saving a beloved pet is also protecting and caring for our children who have already lost so very much.