Abuse and Exploitation of Children Stops NOW

Sadly, abuse and exploitation of children are everywhere. Quiet little “safe” communities are no more exempt than the largest city. But we can recognize and stop this horror from happening to our children. Please read this article I wrote on the subject. I cannot post in in entirety here because it would be declared duplicate content and unpublished from the site it is on.



3 thoughts on “Abuse and Exploitation of Children Stops NOW

  1. sunnieday50 says:

    Can never sound the alarms loud enough..Thank you for being that voice. May we all follow in your shoes, always having that watchful eye for the sake of the little ones. It take a village,

  2. Maria says:

    Brenda, I am heading to HP to read this. I thank you for having the courage to spread the word… continue to raise our awareness and sensitivity to this issue… keeping our children safe is paramount. Hugs, Maria

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