Joyful Parenting

All parents get tired and just want to get through the day. However we must not allow those days to become routine. Children need happiness and also must feel we Recycled Moms are glad to have them in our lives. How can we all be joyful parents/grandparents? The article linked below offers some ideas to increase the joy threshold in our families. By doing these things consistently, we can be the person our kids need and teach them to live happy, joyful and fulfilled lives.


Abuse and Exploitation of Children Stops NOW

Sadly, abuse and exploitation of children are everywhere. Quiet little “safe” communities are no more exempt than the largest city. But we can recognize and stop this horror from happening to our children. Please read this article I wrote on the subject. I cannot post in in entirety here because it would be declared duplicate content and unpublished from the site it is on.

Get Some Support

When our little ones are upset or hurt they turn to us. We listen, hug and comfort them, gently guiding their emotions to a sweet release. But who do grandparents turn to when we need to talk? Often there is no one available who understands or knows the pain. Recycled Moms sometimes feel alone and isolated in their situation. However, there are resources popping up that allow us to connect with others who wear the same shoes.

The internet is a wonderful tool. Use it to find local support groups and joining one or more depending on the amount of time you have to invest. Check with your child’s school. The faculty there are informed and aware of most clubs, groups, meetings, etc. in the school district. The school counselor can refer names and provide telephone numbers for people who coordinate groups for grandparents or other kinship care.

Many grandparents raising grandchildren think they do not need help and that they are dealing very well with the situation and that may be true. I have discovered that we often do not realize just what the need is until the band-aid has been peeled off. Then the wound shows itself and when a healing balm is applied the relief is life changing.

Reach out for friendship, help, support or just a person to talk to occasionally. Recycled Moms and Dads are everywhere and the number grows daily. You may be the only one that a hurting grandparent can lean on or you may be the leaner for a while. We have each other’s back. This brings to mind a Bible story about the leader Moses. He was holding up his arms with the staff of God during a battle and when his arms grew tired and fell down, Israel began to lose. But when his arms were up high, they won. His friends gathered one on each side of him and supported Moses’ arms until the battle was over and victory was theirs.  (Exodus 17:12)

We also need friends we can depend upon to be strong when we grow weary and as we grow in strength and experience in this journey, we can be the one who holds up the tired grandparent. So look for what you need. It is out there somewhere and the battle is fierce. The trophy is the lives of our grandchildren and that is worth fighting for!