Chores and Choices

Children need responsibilities. They learn valuable lessons such as structure and discipline through chores. Even a very young child can pick up clothing and put it in a laundry basket or carry toys to the storage box. It creates habits that last throughout their lives. Tidy adults begin as orderly children. A chore chart can keep everyone focused on what needs to be done to keep the home neat as a pin. It is important for Recycled Moms and the little ones alike. We feel more peaceful in a clean, uncluttered home; the mind can relax without a mess and chaos surrounding us.

The following website has over a dozen chore charts to choose from. They can be adjusted to fit every family’s needs. Since we have been using one, I am relieved of small but time consuming projects. I highly recommend one for every home. Those extra minutes saved can be spent reading a book with out small treasures or playing a game with them. Letting them learn and help fosters independence for them and free time for us.

Choose chores and beam with pride when your own grandchild builds character skills and tell you they are happy to help. Even if you have to secretly rewash the dishes for a while until he/she gets it right, you are on the right track. Sometimes this Recycled Mom business is precious and tender!



2 thoughts on “Chores and Choices

  1. sunnieday50 says:

    Hi Brenda,
    Wonderful post and link. I do think it is so important to start young when assigning chores..Teaches the children responsibility at a young age. Thank you for another great article.

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