Guiding Them As They Grow

Hello Recycled Mom friends. Like myself, I am sure you see your grandkids change every day. Sometimes it seems mine has grown taller in his sleep and even emotionally grew while he dreamed. Yesterday, we were working in the yard (which needs a lot of help by the way-volunteers welcome!). I was mowing and my grandson was raking the old grass. While I took a short break, I noticed him carefully examining the lawnmower. Then he said he wanted to learn how to mow. This is a very old and heavy push mower. So I went through the safety and cranking process, then we walked side by side pushing that old mower across the front yard.

My heart was so full at seeing his willingness to help me and at how capably he really is at performing tasks. After that last patch was mowed, he went back to raking and we eventually carried it all to the compost bin. He was tired and hungry by then, but proud and showed me how strong his muscles had become because of all this exercise. He even calculated the calories burned. So we got our yard in order, spent time together, had a science lesson and both learned quite a bit.

How can that little five pound baby I remember now be big enough to mow a yard? Well, it is how God designed the human body, soul and spirit to function. It is going to happen whether we like it or not. So rather than letting them grow, let us guide them while they grow. Someone will teach our kids something and the person doing the most teaching has to be us.

As we worked, I explained the importance of doing a job right the first time and working with integrity. Another person might have taught him to just get it done so he could go play games. But our own lesson was successful. He asked for his own lawn rake so we drove to the local hardware store where he selected, paid for (I gave him the money) and carried out his own tool. It proudly sits in the utility room awaiting little hands. I am visiting the future where I see a strong man who knows how to take care of his home and one who works hard and proud. It was a great day and built a strong foundation.

Guiding them as they grow is an awesome and joyful responsibility indeed. Please share any stories and helpful ideas you have. Together we will raise a generation that changes our country for the better and breaks the cycle of parentless children; one that knows the value of hard work and takes care of loved ones, especially their Recycled Mom!


3 thoughts on “Guiding Them As They Grow

  1. sunnieday50 says:

    All these daily lessons are surely to grow a man of integrity. How wonderful to use every situation as a teaching tool. This advice that you give will one day take root, as a man he will hear your voice, passing on the wisdom to his children one day..What a legacy..
    Thank you for such a touching post..

  2. Maria says:

    “It was a great day and built a strong foundation”.

    This is beautiful, Brenda and so are you. Hugs for this fabulous lesson, Maria

  3. malahob says:

    My Grandson helped me weed the yard today. I was so surprised when he offered to help! My boy is now 17 and still growing. He’ll be in the 11th grade next year. Goodnight, friend.

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