Happy Recycled Mom Day

On this day dedicated to mothers, we are in a unique, and sometimes painful, place. We grieve the children we bore that have made such grave mistakes yet cherish our roles as mother and grandmother. Our grandchildren really have two mothers. I recalled this fact as I wrote a poem for a friend on this day. She is 89 and has become a mother figure to me. In many ways it is apropos for our grandkids. I call it My Other Mother and thought to share it with all of you. I made a few revisions so it would suit our situation more. I hope you enjoy it. Happy Mother’s Day.


My Other Mother

Thank You Lord, for this gift of another mother,

One who is loving and kind, gentle and mild.

My first mother carried me in the core of her body;

Nurtured me with her very blood and marrow.

This other mother holds me safely in the womb

Of her heart and gives me what the other now cannot.

First mother, I think you somehow would look in love

Praising the Father for bringing me this precious other mother.

She loves me like you did Mom, teaching me her wisdom and joy.

As your voice is recalled in my memory, I know that together

My two mothers make me the person God has called me to be.



6 thoughts on “Happy Recycled Mom Day

  1. Mike says:

    This may be the highest praise you are ever going to give someone. What a treat that you shared it with all of us.

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