I Dreamed a Dream

We all had dreams when we were young. Some have come true and some have not. We let go of ones that seemed unreachable and that saddens me greatly. Often, life beats the dream and faith out of us. Our little loved ones have had a rough start and life has already kicked them, but we Recycled Moms have gathered them up with arms of love. We hold them close and listen to their pains, sorrows, joys and victories.

It is my goal to teach my grandson that his own dreams can indeed be fulfilled. Recently, I read about a woman named Martha Ann Ricks who never gave up on her dream. She had been a slave until her own father purchased his family’s freedom after years of saving pennies. He then took them to Liberia to start a new life. Martha saw British patrol boats sent by Queen Victoria to prevent slavers from capturing the people and returning them to America as slaves. Martha greatly admired the Queen and wanted to personally thank her. So she also began saving her pennies.

It took Martha Ann Ricks 50 years to make the dream come true, but one day she was escorted into Windsor Castle, given a tour, then presented to the Queen of England. How many of us would keep the dream alive for 50 years? It is my belief that we all have such determination within us and can achieve what we set out to do.

Children are easily distracted in our modern times. It is our job as caretakers to teach them discipline and forbearance. Let us listen carefully to their dreams and goal. Let’s encourage them no matter how lofty the goal sounds. Tell them about people like Martha, people like Abraham Lincoln and George Washington Carver; people who got stuck, tired and discouraged but never gave up on the dream.

We may not be here when our grandchildren’s dreams come true but they will remember that we cultivated the soil and fertilized it for them when the dream was only a spark in the mind of a little child.



2 thoughts on “I Dreamed a Dream

  1. Mike says:

    You call out a beautiful message. It is easy to forget the most important things are the care of the children and teaching them the things we have learned along the way.

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