Can You Spare The Time?

Recycled Moms are busy, busy, busy. The days fly by and we struggle to find a few minutes to sit quietly with our little loves. Yet the importance of that is paramount and even crucial. Great relaxation and joy are found in the moments we spend playing games with our grandchildren. Mine loves to play Sorry and he grins mischievously when he sends me back to Start. He usually is still smiling when he goes to bed after we have spent time playing a favorite game. These minutes or even an hour spent in play can be a time of bonding and learning.

As we play the chosen game, I can slip in casual questions about my grandson’s school days, his friends, his dreams and much more. I learn a lot about him and issues that might have passed by unnoticed otherwise. He tells me things that are in his heart. They are easy to talk about in an atmosphere where no pressure is applied. Some are seemingly little; perhaps a friend doubted his word that there is an Avengers 2 animated movie. This is the perfect opportunity to teach a lesson about integrity and how it comes from within and is not dependent upon the perception of others. He does not even realize we have done anything more than play the game.

Depending on the age of your child/children, the game can be a simple board game like Candy Land or more challenging like Monopoly. We play a Star Wars trivia game where I always lose. Really! I have never won and my grandson gloats for days after we play that one. Other favorites are Boggle which helps the kids learn spelling and reading, Checkers, Chess, Battleship which helps him learn strategy, Mancala which led to a history lesson about Ethiopia and is a secret math lesson.

I urge you to make time and play sit down quiet games with your grandchild. You both will love it and will feel closer to each other. The days are filled with loud television shows, stressful school functions, and physical sports activity. Playing peaceful games will calm you and your child. I guarantee you both will sleep better and have lovely, peaceful dreams.


5 thoughts on “Can You Spare The Time?

  1. sunnieday50 says:

    Such a beautiful post today. Playing games is such a wonderful way to bond and keep close to our little ones. Thank you for sharing such a great piece of advice for all.
    Love and hugs,

  2. malahob says:

    Just stopped in to wish you a Happy Mother’s Day! I agree, we should spend more time with our Grandkids. My Grandson likes to make chocolate chip cookies with me. I can’t get him to sew or knir, though! Keep writing your great entries. Love, mary

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