Explaining Difficult Moments To Children

Today, a baby bird fell out of the nest and landed literally at our feet. We were unable to return him to the nest and the impossibly fragile creature died in our hands. My grandson was heartbroken and wondered why the world is so hard on nature and animals. I could only hold him in a loving embrace and explain that most of us live a long and happy life. When that does not happen, the survivors must step up in strength and courage to help the others.

So we buried the little bird that never used his wings to soar across the sky. He lies in the dark ground bereft of sun and light, but he was laid to rest with plenty of love. In the end, we all should be so blessed. I suppose this is a great lesson to teach our children. Love indeed conquers death because that tiny creature lives forever in a young child’s heart because he loved it for a moment before it died.

We have to honestly tell our grandchildren that life is sometimes hard. They already know this to a degree because they are living without their parent(s). Yet, the final message needs to be positive and bright. Life is hard but life is wonderful and soft. It is bright and beautiful; loving and light. It is worth living to the fullest with joyous hearts that reach out to help others especially in the most difficult moments.


4 thoughts on “Explaining Difficult Moments To Children

  1. marcoujor says:

    A very poignant post, Brenda. Will be shared as a help to many, thinking also with the loss of dear pets in our homes.

    Looks like the comment snafu may have worked out… here’s hoping?! Hugs, Maria.

  2. marcoujor says:

    A poignant story with a meaningful message, Brenda. Today I think I am “on target” by being on a WordPress account and able to leave a comment/ spread this fabulous post. Hugs, Maria

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