Commitment Is A Covenant

There is a Bible scripture that says, “But let your ‘Yes’ be ‘Yes,’ and your ‘No,’ ‘No.’ For whatever is more than these is from the evil one.” (Matthew 5:37). This is a wonderful foundation to live by and to teach our grandchildren. Children have many interests and are curious about everything. They want to try basketball, baseball, karate, gymnastics, scouts and other activities. After several tries, they sometimes get bored or see it is not what they expected.

When a child wants to try a new activity, they should be encouraged as long as it fits into the family’s schedule, is safe and worthwhile. The caregiver (us) has the responsibility to explain the requirements and demands to the child. Then if they still want to take on the commitment, they need to stick with it for a preset time period.

This fosters persistence, determination, and understanding that a commitment is serious. My own grandson knows that when he signs up for baseball, he is in for the entire season and cannot miss practice or games. He chose not to play this spring because he is a cub scout and they meet on the same evening as baseball practice. He had a commitment to the scouts already and could not break the promise to be at den meetings every Thursday evening.

The same rule applies to academic achievements and goals. If your Grand makes a goal to be on the a honor role, he/she needs to study hard and maybe even take on extra credit work to accomplish that plan.

If they say “yes” to anything, they are required to uphold their word even if it is as simple as a promise to walk the dog every day or to make their bed every morning. We are held to that same standard and even higher because we are the role model our children look toward.

These habits will stand them in good stead through life and in the workplace. Anyone can change their mind and back out of a commitment. But those who see it through to the goal, are fulfilling an honorable covenant and are to be admired for their endurance, commitment and honor.

We, as Recycled Moms, get to share in that happiness and bask in the knowledge that our grandchildren are growing into strong, responsible young people who will become successful adults. It is a wonderful place to be.


2 thoughts on “Commitment Is A Covenant

  1. sunnieday50 says:

    Good Morning Brenda,
    This is such an important lesson to be consistant in our answers. The Bible teaches us so much about raising children doesnt it? Thank you for another great blog today.

  2. marcoujor says:

    I missed being able to comment on this post when I had the commenting snafu…

    I love the message in this post, Brenda. Many times we as adults assume the pressure for our kids in the overextension with these extracurricular activities. I think the reminders of this post are invaluable in building character and responsibility.

    Thank you. Will be sharing… Hugs, Maria

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