Structure in a Chaotic World

Children need structure and continuity even while they rebel against them. Today’s children stay busy and our Grands are no exception. There are after school activities, sports, play dates and many more things that demand time. Then we rush home to face homework, dinner, chores, and hopefully find a minute to spend together. Then it is late and the children are exhausted yet too wound up for sleep. How do we handle these situations?

Simply say no. That’s right. Not everything a child wants to do is permissible. Children need rest, and time at home in a relaxing environment. Keeping extracurricular activities to a minimum is beneficial for everyone. Baseball, soccer, basketball, karate and all the other sports are important. Children need the physical activity and the team building skills these provide. But they don’t need more than one at a time or combined with other activities that keep everyone scurrying around like ants.

Some Recycled Moms are raising more than one Grand so if every child is signed up for one activity, the family is still running around to fit it all in. Each child may need to choose one seasonal activity so everyone has time at home and together. Again, just say no when things get too busy.

There should be down time EVERY evening for the family to gather for dinner and share the day with one another. This keeps everyone emotionally connected to each other and prevents secrets from building up. When a child knows she can share what happened that day, she will tell us her heartaches, successes and all else that she has encountered while apart from the caregiver.

Take the time-make the time-be the timekeeper! When we become an architect of structure, we build more than a schedule. We build a family where once was only a broken dream.


2 thoughts on “Structure in a Chaotic World

  1. marcoujor says:

    “When we become an architect of structure, we build more than a schedule.”

    Brenda, I love the message in this post today. I have seen so many families simply out of control with extra-curricular activities, all with the best of intentions. This is a wonderful and necessary reflection. Will be sharing…Hugs, Maria

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