Being a Role Model for Your Grandchild

Every child looks up to someone as a role model. That person most likely will be the one who is closest to him or her. What kind of role model are we to our Grands?  Do we reflect love, faith, morality, patience, kindness and other positive qualities? Do they see a reckless and thoughtless person who acts without thought of the consequence? Are our words pleasant and our voice soft when giving love and when administering discipline?

I found a declaration a long time ago and printed it. That is taped all over my home, car, books, etc. to remind me that I am the role model for my grandson. I wish I could give credit but I do not know who wrote it.

“Beginning today, I will be a positive model for my child. I will teach him/her to love. I will be a positive influence, creating an atmosphere of peace and joy in our home.”

That is an amazing and humbling confession. To abide by those words, there can be no screaming, fighting, hitting or hatred of any kind in the heart or home. I recommend you do as I have and place those words in prominent places where you will see them often. When an occasion arises (and it will) where you begin to lose patience, raise your voice or otherwise speak harshly, those words will stop you. They do me.

Have a blessed and positive day!


6 thoughts on “Being a Role Model for Your Grandchild

  1. marcoujor says:

    This is inspirational for grandparents, for parents, hmmm… I’m thinking for all of us, Brenda? Thank you for sharing with us today and I want to share with everyone who may be so inclined… Hugs, Maria

  2. alastarpacker says:

    These are just wonderful Brenda. Will post this on FB and +1. Believe I know a couple Grans raising children and will let them know. Had a longer post but as usual had trouble getting it on. Great blog,well done my good friend.

  3. janice says:

    Brenda, you are such an amazing person and more amazing grand parent. Thanks for this site you have created and sharing. Your grandson is so lucky to have you.

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