The Hands of Love

Spare the rod and spoil the child is a Bible saying that most of us have heard. Yet it is taken out of context and misinterpreted. The “rod” was an instrument a shepherd used to draw his sheep to safety or to ward off danger. It was not used to beat his animals but to raise them safely in an atmosphere where they felt secure. It was a tool, not a weapon.

Do you spank, whip or in anyway use physical force to punish your grandchild? If the answer is yes, I strongly recommend you stop immediately. What we sow, we reap. When a child is shown violence, pain and fear he/she will manifest the same. No farmer ever planted corn and waited for wheat to come up in his fields. The same principle applies to our approach in raising our Grands.

There are far more effective tools to use for discipline than hurting a child. Do they love video games? Take away screen time. Do they love to visit a best friend? Ground them. Even better, use a positive motivator to being about good behavior. Keep a score chart and place a sticker or smiley face for every time your child controlled, or regained control, of his actions and had a good outcome. Everyone will be happier and the child  will be more peaceful.

Another benefit is that good habits will be formed. When a child sees that good behavior has positive consequences, she will fall into a lifelong habit of anticipating it. Every human being is born with the potential to be happy. Our grandchildren have had that stripped away by the decisions of irresponsible parents or by the death of parents. Either way, we have now assumed the role of parent and it is up to us to provide a loving, peaceful and secure environment. That can not happen in a home where violence is perpetuated.

The only hands that should ever touch a child should be the hands of love. Look at yours. They hold a rainbow just waiting for your Grand to reach out and grasp it. It is an awesome gift from us to them and from them to us when they reach out in trust and find love.


8 thoughts on “The Hands of Love

  1. marcoujor says:

    Powerful food for thought… I love the length of your posts and the inspiration they provide to all of us. I am sharing as I believe many more will read than comment and these messages need to be spread far and wide. Keep em coming, Brenda!

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