The Spiritual Child-Love Hungry

Children inherently are drawn to the spiritual and remain close to God. After all, they were recently there with Him. Building a strong foundation of faith will support a Grand when we cannot be with him or her. As they grow and are increasingly exposed to a cruel and even evil world, they will fall back on this to strengthen them in times of need or fear.

The other day my Grand was saying Grace at the dinner table. He prayed that “the people who are filthy rich will share with others who do not have food or homes.” It was touching and sweet to know he thinks and cares about the less fortunate. Little does he know how pleased God was also.

Our grandchildren have suffered great losses at tender ages. A relationship with the original Father will give them the love and acceptance that their human parents fail to provide. Open the Bible and teach your Grands about the great love God has for them. They will soak it in like a sponge since they are love hungry.


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