What In The World Are You Wearing?!

As grandmothers and older adults, we are left confused and bewildered when shopping for our grandchildren. The current fashions certainly were not how we dressed our own babies. Long, baggy shorts, Converse hightops and oversized shirts seem to be the rage for young boys. And young girls wear more sparkles than a movie star. The are ruffled, sequined and the skirts are no larger than a handkerchief. It is hard to know where to draw the line.

My personal opinion is that pants must be above the hip; no underwear showing. It is called underwear for a reason. Girls should not show the midriff and the shirt cannot be cut lower than the middle of the chest. I demand modesty, neatness, pressed and clean clothing on a child. We Recycled Moms can allow a youngster to be fashionable while maintaining strict standards of dress.

This will be easier to accomplish if the process is set as a foundation when the child is very young. Being a responsible parent and raising responsible kids is hard work. The payoff is priceless.


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